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Istat: exports down in September

In September 2021, Istat estimates, for trade exchanges with non-EU27 countries, a cyclical decline for exports (-1.1%) and an increase for imports (+ 0.6%).

The decline in exports on a monthly basis is due to the decline in sales of intermediate goods (-6.6%) while those of energy (+ 24.0%), durable consumer goods (+ 0.8%) are on the rise. and not durable (+ 0.1%). As regards imports, the economic increase is due to energy (+ 12.5%) and non-durable consumer goods (+ 7.0%); purchases of intermediate goods (-6.8%), durable consumer goods (-4.6%) and capital goods (-3.5%) decreased.

In the third quarter of 2021, compared to the previous quarter, exports increased by 2.3%, mainly due to higher sales of capital goods (+ 6.8%) and durable consumer goods (+ 1.4%). In the same period, imports recorded a cyclical increase of 7.3%, to which all the main groups of industries contribute and, in particular, energy (+ 12.5%) and intermediate goods (+ 7.4%). In September 2021, exports grew by 5.1% on an annual basis.

The widespread increase is particularly high for energy (+ 103.9%). Imports show a much more sustained trend growth (+ 32.9%), with increases for all groupings, the most marked for energy (+ 102.4%) and durable consumer goods (+ 49.8%).

The estimated trade balance in September 2021 is +1,671 million, down compared to September 2020 (+5,273).