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IBM, open hybrid cloud and AI for the development that awaits us

The new frontiers of open hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. But also the strategic issues of digital transformation and growth opportunities at the level of the country system. The 2021 edition of Think Summit, the most important digital event of the year for IBM Italy, held at the end of October, did not disappoint. Also for the fact that it took place both in presence and in streaming, a circumstance not exactly obvious until a few months ago: a certainly important signal on the way back to post-pandemic normality.

The challenges of competitiveness

As is natural, the post-pandemic scenario and the opportunities deriving from the current phase of change constituted the highlight of the opening session of the two days organized in Milan by IBM. Two very dense days, in which representatives of the institutional, academic, research, business and ecosystem worlds IBM, i.e. the Partners, were able to share their challenges, making them emerge as Cloud, Multicloud, Application Modernization, AI, Cyber Security and Quantum Computing, together with solid skills and human capital, can be a strong stimulus to innovation and constitute its engine.

At the beginning, the intervention ofLorenzo Tavazzi, Partner and Head of the Scenarios and Intelligence Area of ​​The European House-Ambrosetti, who illustrated in detail the Position Paper ” The challenges for Italy’s competitiveness and PNRR as an opportunity for the transformation of the country-system “, created for IBM from The European House-Ambrosetti.

Look to innovation

The technological mood of the entire event was summarized by Stefano Rebattoni, CEO of IBM Italy, with a much-quoted saying in recent times: ” staticity is not stability “, precisely to mean that “to remain still in a moment of great change it does not make it possible to make a value contribution to the crucial activities that determine innovation “.

It is certainly an attitude that is perfectly suited to the times we are living in, but that IBM personally wanted to put it into practice exactly one year ago, announcing the spinoff of that part of the company that was later christened Kyndryl and which hasofficially started its operations in early September. ” We have completely revised our strategy and our repositioning on the market, undertaking a transformation that is characterized by being the most important of the last thirty years, essentially focusing on two areas: open hybrid cloud and Artificial Intelligence “, continued Rebattoni.

Full hybrid cloud

But why the hybrid cloud? The number one of IBM Italy has no doubts: “ we believe that the multi-platform hybrid cloud has a value for our customers that is two and a half times greater than the adoption of the public cloud alone. And this is due to the fact that more and more infrastructures, whether public or private, will see over the years the consolidation of the heterogeneity of different platforms and infrastructures: therefore from on premise platforms and infrastructures, i.e. traditional ones, to those linked to public cloud tools, which can be either IBM or other vendors on the market, up to the world of private cloud and edge computing “.

The most important aspect to keep in mind in hybrid cloud scenarios, where the technological choices must be made in a timely manner based on the different workloads, is the management one : ” there is a complexity of management, maintenance and security, and it is here that comes into play the great challenge of IBM, which is to build an open containerization platform on hybrid multicloud environments, through what has been the largest acquisition we have made in recent history which is that of Red Hat “, explained Rebattoni.